The Countdowns – Right On Sound – Review

The Countdowns

Right On Sound (Scooch Pooch)
by Jon Sarre

Right On Sound and you ain’t fuckin’ kiddin’, cuz these boys (a trio from La La CA, as it comes to pass) rock the garage, the club floor, the barndance, the gymnasium sockhop (if such a thing ever existed), hell, they oughtta walk right into Tim Anderson’s suburban split level and melt alla the “eat the rich” graffiti off his stucco walls. It’s rock’n’roll genre-splicin’ hell that the Countdowns traffic in: part primal rockabilly straight outta the Charlie Feathers songbook (“Love Her So”), chuggy ZZ Top (“I Got No Time For Fools Like You”), hard luck country bass’n’drums (“Crawlin’ Back to You”), AC/DC with soul (“On & On & On”), a Link Wray tribute (“Wray Gunn”) and uh, LL Cool J (“Ghettoblaster”). Mr. Tim Kerr, swell guy that he is, was thoughtful enough to supervise the making of this record (and contribute some slide on one track and Hammond B-3 on another). Needless to say, he did the job, cuz the Countdowns have managed to produce the type of fuckin’ retro-so-good-it’s-new mess that I wish Mudhoney woulda done like back on Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (that’s to say, they let it all hang out with sloppy raveups versus Iggy cribbin’ “We Will Fall” dirgatude). Oh yeah, Scooch Pooch put out Right On Sound and they’re a mark of quality even more trustworthy than the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval,” so check this shit out!