Drunk on Rock – Review

Drunk on Rock

by Jon Sarre

The title pretty much says all that needs to be said and a quick scan of the better known of the twenty-six bands on this comp oughtta squelch any suspicion of hyperbole. Nashville Pussy, The Candy Snatchers, Jeff Dahl, Electric Frankenstein, The Morning Shakes (who present some captured-drunk-in-concert higher-than-thou blooze to end all), not exactly weak-ass shit, is it? It shouldn’t be too surprising that the basic theme of take-no-shit full-bore punk’n’roll embodied by the above bands isn’t limited to only a couple others. Fuck no, it carries through from the opening blast of The Hookers‘ “Hell Bent and Glory Bound” to the final seconds of Motor City madman Alan Valentine & The Drugstore Cowboys‘ “My Mistake.

“Much more good stuff can be found here, like Newark, CA’s Screaming Bloody Marys‘ “Ill Repute” (featuring special guest ex-Dead Kennedy East Bay Ray), Detroit Rock City’s fast’n’fun Trash Brats‘ “Who Put the Words in Your Mouth,” or NYC’s singsong drunxpunx The Ca$H Registers‘ shrugging “better than bein’ dead” on “I Don’t Wanna Be One.” Iggy disciples Rocket 455 (from Detroit, no shit) check in with Stoogesque publicity photo and killer take on (surprise!) late Stooge rarity “Cock in My Pocket.” Saint Paul, MN’s femme-fronted and furious Short Fuses blow up a cherry bomb called “Motorcycle Pill;” from Austin, TX, The Bulemics offer a compelling argument for the abolition of the UN called “Only Down For Myself,” and The Sinisters (from Toronto) give up a hard-edged, noisy case for compulsory incarceration (or at least shock treatment) called “Murder Style.” One of my fave bands, Aussie scuzz-rockers Asteroid B-612, kick ass like they do, while one of my not-so-fave bands of L.A. sleaze rockers, The B-Movie Rats deliver the goods. Detroit vet Bootsy X And The Lovemakers has been better elsewhere, but he’s good for a few laughs and Portland, OR’s Weaklings continue on the road to singer Bradly’s quest for one last round of chicken with the ghost of Iggy’s past. Fitchburg, MA, resident Rick Blaze and his Ballbusters do a Johnny Thunders-style ditty entitled “Pretty Messed Up,” like maybe he’s Drunk on Rock, or somethin’. And if Rick is, everybody should be.
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