30 Amp Fuse – Rewind – Review

30 Amp Fuse

Rewind (Melted)
by Scott Hefflon

This here’s a tough one… If you think of this as punkpop, it sounds like the band didn’t have enough coffee in the studio. If you think of this as powerpop, well, comparisons to Hüsker Dü are easy as long as you realize no one can touch them. Subtle pop is a great thing to achieve, but it’s also easy to miss and write a kinda bland, forgettable song. 30 Amp Fuse shuffle in the antechamber of greatness. They never quite muster up the strength to cross the threshold, but at least they ain’t standing out in the cold. Produced by Superdrag’s Don Coffey Jr. (Bill and Stephen did the last one, hence all the Descendents comparisons we can now drop), Rewind is filled with radio-friendly bits of crunch pop, but there’s little that’ll get stuck in your teeth. A sign of good things to come, and probably the most important record Melted has ever released.