The L.A. Shakedown! – Review

July 23, 2003

Some will be too “street punk” or “mod/garagey” for ya, but it’s just cool to hear bands on TKO and Hellcat back-to-back with Estrus/Bomp!/In the Red bands.

Terror Firmer Soundtrack – Review

June 4, 2001

It’s Troma, so unless you rent only from Blockbuster, you know this is some sexy, gross, weird and wild shit. Get this soundtrack cuz every band is a someone.

Goin’ After Pussy – Review

April 1, 1999

I don’t think subtlety is much of a virtue over at Junk Records World Headquarters. Nah, naked obviousness is probably more like it.

Drunk on Rock – Review

April 1, 1999

Nashville Pussy, The Candy Snatchers, Jeff Dahl, Electric Frankenstein, The Morning Shakes, not exactly weak-ass shit, is it?

R.A.F.R. Vol. II – Review

September 1, 1997

Flipside showcases 30 bands ranging from established to virtual unknowns. A good release to see what the less polished underside of punk sounds like.