The L.A. Shakedown! – Review

The L.A. Shakedown!

by Scott Hefflon

The official compilation of the two-day punk and rawk festival (not implying all the bands are from L.A.) featuring new, unreleased, and hard-to-find tracks. Plus, of course, old favorites/classics. Depending on your leanings, some of this stuff is bound to be too “street punk” for ya, or too “mod/garagey” or whatever… It’s just kinda cool to hear bands from TKO and Hellcat back-to-back with Estrus/Bomp!/In the Red bands, ya know? (If that means nothing to you, go read the reviews for Atticus, huh? We’ve got whiskey to shoot, cigarettes to smoke, and asses to shake, baby!)

Sure, a lot of the bands here are underground opening bands, heavy on the attitude and light on talent or distinctiveness, but anyone looking for the next great bar rock band to follow (and throw shot glasses at, and get kicked outta bars with) is probably gonna already have everything by Supersuckers, Swingin’ Utters, Nashville Pussy, Dwarves, and a handfulla others. So check ’em out here and decide for yourself if you wanna show up early to catch ’em, or if you wanna do more drinkin’ in the parking lot. Shakin’ it up: U.S. Bombs, Original Sinners, The Generators, The Hangmen, Throwrag, The Mystery Girls, Nebula, Black Cat Music, Shake City, Big Midnight, Motochrist, Texas Terri, The Stitches, The Rippers, Piss Ant, The Weaklings, The Catheters, Midnight Evils, The Makers, The Superbees, Lords of Altamont, Bluebird, Duane Peters & The Hunns, Lazy Cowgirls, Nine Pound Hammer, Discontent, The Dragons, Candy Snatchers, AntiSeen, Nekromantix, Kings of Nuthin’, Demented Are Go, Blazing Haley, Los Creepers.
(2020 Broadway, 2nd Fl. Santa Monica, CA 90404)