Vast – Visual Audio Sensory Theater – Review


Visual Audio Sensory Theater (Elektra)
by Rowan-Morrison

The problem with combining the words “Goth” and “metal” is that the mind instantly conjures some Norwegian rock band with vocals a few octaves deeper than James Earl Jones. The one-man project known as Vast, however, is from California, and John Crosby’s vocals are far from contrived or over dramatic. Rather than labeling his music as Gothic, it’s probably wiser to group him in with the grim mood market best exemplified by Tool. Vast’s strength is in his diversity, as he integrates samples and sounds that evoke primitive cultures, such as the chants that surface on “Touched,” “Pretty When You Cry,” and “I’m Dying.” In addition, Crosby infuses the mix with a subtle blend of industrial sequences and even a few nice acoustic moments. The latter should appeal to Human Drama fans, even if the intro of “Touched” echoes Jars of Clay’s “Flood.” If you like shadow-drenched alternative rock, then this release is highly recommended.