Björk – Medúlla – Review

December 13, 2004

An album made entirely of human voices, but obviously modern wizardry was involved in piecing everything together. It ain’t a capella au natural.

Dream Theater – Train of Thought – Review

March 22, 2004

The band’s strength lies in majestic melodies and carefully thought-out instrumental passages. Here, both are abandoned to cram in boiling rage, from gorilla stomps to guitar hero shreds that leave no lasting impression.

Year Of The Rabbit – Review

November 5, 2003

They’re worthy of Cave In’s worship on this stellar debut. Bombastic grooves, arena-shaking tunes, all parading to Andrews’ left-of-center pop sensibility.

Björk – Vespertin – Review

February 22, 2002

These are the sounds of an ice goddess trapping herself in a cocoon made of atmospheric fibers and trying to get out by singing through the cracks.

The Katies – Review

January 1, 2000

You glance around to make sure no one sees you getting sentimental over dumb pop, but it’s dark already and the music really isn’t that bad.

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