The Katies – Review

The Katies

by Jamie Kiffel

Driving into the 5:00 sunset after extra-curriculars finally let out, driving home in Dad’s Chevy with dog-eared algebra books thudding around on the floor and gum wrappers crumpled on the seat, you stick a tape into the half-broken tape deck, and smile. “You’re so pretty when you’re smiling,” the singer sighs, and you let your mind wander to how she dotted all her i’s with hearts when she passed you that note in class. “She doesn’t know what she does when she does it to me,” the singer continues with power pop chords, reminding you of the night you two watched The Breakfast Club… she sort of reminds you of Ally Sheedy, come to think of it… and that line, “She’s my marijuana,” sounds like a pretty cool choice for your yearbook quote. Sweet, simple, and to the point. You wonder if you’ll see her after high school as Jason Moore and Gary Welsh sing on tape, “She’s a trip of reason/She’s a silly season.” You glance around to make sure no one sees you getting sentimental over dumb pop, but it’s dark already and the music really isn’t that bad. Of course, you’ll pound away on that damn algebra with Danzig distracting you for the rest of the night. But for now, this is how you, a late ’80s high school senior, feel… like humming along with a simple, catchy love tune that reminds you of your life. Who knows how you’ll change in college? For now, you and The Katies feel through an unhurt heart, enjoying this love thing as it comes.