Self – Gizmodgery – Review

April 1, 2001

They’ve snottily retaliated by recording this dorky gem entirely on toy instruments, video games, and stuffed animal voice boxes.

The Katies – Review

January 1, 2000

You glance around to make sure no one sees you getting sentimental over dumb pop, but it’s dark already and the music really isn’t that bad.

Self – Breakfast with Girls – Review

January 1, 2000

Matt Mahaffey has built powerful, sexy pop that digitizes hooks that stop you short and jerk you back at all the right places, pushing hard and driving it in.

Fl. Oz. – Vegetable Kingdom – Review

April 1, 1999

The lively, personable piano takes a flying leap into the musical primelight, dancing audacious circles around its player’s flagrantly uncooperative lyrics.

The C-60’s – Review

September 1, 1998

The southern Florida trio has put out a new wave/light punk/power pop CD that delivers strong melodic surges and evidence of much burgeoning songwriting talent.