30 Foot Fall – Divided We Stand – Review

30 Foot Fall

Divided We Stand (Fearless)
by Scott Hefflon

Doesn’t that singer ever breathe? And would somebody shoot that fuckin’ woodpecker?!? Oh, that’s the snare drum? Damn, I hate that. Divided We Stand is a re-release of 30footFALL‘s first full-length. Their second (I think) release, Acme-143, also on Fearless, is much more polished, tightened, and versatile. That doesn’t mean that they’re pussies now, nor does it mean they sucked before, but Divided We Stand shows the band in their raw element. The songs kinda blend together, and while the bass is punchy and big, the snare is annoying as shit. And it gets hit a lot. 30footFALL had evidently not gotten much into vocal melody, and had yet to learn the joys of harmonies, but this is a good record in its own right.
(13772 Goldenwest Ave. #545 Westminster, CA 92683)