Bleed – Tales of the Handsome Creep – Review


Tales of the Handsome Creep (Soda Jerk)
by Jon Sarre

Kickin’ it all over the map like a nasal Horton Heat, these Milwaukites, with a rhythm section soundin’ just screwed up enough to be mistaken for a nitro-burnin’ funny car desperately in need of a tune-up, manage to stick out from the drag/surf/garage crowd. That in itself is an accomplishment in this “everyone loves Link Wray and b-movies” genre. Bleed‘s got carburetors fulla soul and that works pretty fuckin’ well (see the gearhead love-gone-bad of “Flat Tire” or the callous balladry of “No Greater Love”). “Dragster Man” is mangled tsunami surf dirgery that oozes dead cool as the band sweats out whatever psychosis compelled ’em to write a song like that in the first place. A couple more spins ’round the track may be all Bleed needs to blow up big time…
(PO Box 4056 Boulder, CO 80306)