The Beautys – Things of Beauty – Review

The Beautys

Things of Beauty (Cheetah’s)
by Jon Sarre

The Beautys‘ singer, Kathleen, decides on “All Fucked Down” to let us know she’s not the vindictive type, thanks for sharing. Then Dave and Erick (no one has last names, yessir, we’re a punk band, see?) chime in with “She’s not the vindictive type,” makin’ this my vote for one of the most cornball moments in rock’n’roll this month or so. Yeah, so cornball being as cornball is, the rest of the stuff isn’t quite that dumb, but it’s not all that interestin’ either. Mostly ya got “Hi-E” pop punk, which in their bestest moment ya could hardly be faulted for thinkin’ they sound a bit like X (“Fuck Evolution” is onea those times), only, uh, surfier, which, bein’ from Fort Wayne, IN, is probably quite an achievement.
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