Impaled Nazarene – Rapture – Review

Impaled Nazarene

Rapture (Osmose)
by Paul Lee

Though I tend to favor more “complex” metal these days, there’s something completely liberating about listening to full-on, maniacal metal. Such is the case with Impaled Nazarene and their new disc Rapture. Their Motörhead meets Mayhem meets Discharge sound (what they call “nuclear metal”) is wonderfully outrageous and primitive. Sure, I get swept up by the majestic metal like Emperor and Cradle of Filth, but sometimes I just need to let loose viciously and Impaled Nazarene fills that need. Most of IN’s songs are two minutes in length with five or fewer chords. We’re talking remarkably simplistic here. There isn’t much in the way of variety in the pace or structure of the songs, but if you dig having your speakers bludgeon you for a half hour, you need this. How could you not love a song called “We’re Satan’s Generation” that opens up with the classic lyrics, “We’re Satan’s Generation and we don’t give a fuck….”? Other tasty song titles are: “Angel Rectums Do Bleed, ” “Goat Vomit and Gas Masks,” and “Phallus Maleficarum.” If GWAR needed a backing band to play good freak metal that was worth more than the shit they play, then Impaled Nazarene would be their men. Fans of hardcore, death metal, black metal, and Motörheadbangers will likely find IN a nasty necessity. Long live blasphemous rock!
(4470 Sunset Blvd. #6 Los Angeles, CA 90027)