The Ton-Ups – Review

The Ton-Ups

(Mother West)
by Jon Sarre

There’s a distinct possibility that these Brooklyn gents are a release or two away from findin’ their own distinct songwritin’ voices. That’s just a hunch I get when I listen to the Ton-Ups debut EP and catch Stones’-vibe-too-many and the odd “there’s another sorta Iggy and the Stooges riff.” That seems to be a NYC thing, y’know, cuz, well, do I need to explain? The Ton-Ups’ve got that junkie Brando in black leather look goin’ on and they know their Thunders, Wray, and Page (or whoever played Dave Davies’ parts on those early Kinks records), so they probably wanna be rock stars, which is what every male in America wants to be, at least secretly. Who am I to fault ’em?
(132 W 26th Street New York, NY 10001)