Electric Frankenstein – How I Rose from the Dead – Review

Electric Frankenstein

How I Rose from the Dead (Onefoot)
by Jon Sarre

Thus continues the quest to release every recorded utterance, belch, and fart of the punk rock monster known to its fans and enemies as Electric Frankenstein. Previous records that received the EF seal of approval that’ve ended up in my possession have been Europe-only rarities with a couple of old covers, the U.S. version of the European rarities with live cuts tacked on, which makes it sorta bewildering that all are exclusive to one label or another, or “unreleased material” or whatever.

This ‘un, put out by venerable Long Beach label OneFoot, concerns the whole or partial content of Electro Frank’s live performance on something called “The Pat Duncan Show” broadcast live on WFMU in E. Orange, NJ. Steve Miller is the throat on the revolving mic (so collectors take note!) and he’s kind enough to announce most of the song titles in advance so listeners with attention span disorders don’t lose track of what song is playing. Other than that, the sound is good, the band is tight, tough and energetic punk rock’n’roll. Sure, they could probably get by with less product floating around, but they’re always great. What else needs to be said?
(PO Box 30666 Long Beach, CA 90853)