Wanking in the Pit – Review

Wanking in the Pit

(Suburban Home)
by Scott Hefflon

Part three of the [Verb]in’ in the Pit series which pits (sorry) Japanese and American (and Canadian and English) bands side by side on the same release to educate the kids, man. And while almost half the names are unfamiliar, the energy is so non-stop you barely have time to catch your breath and look up who the amazing punkpop/skapunk band that’s setting your ears on fire is. Alternating Japanese with non-Japanese, Wankin’ in the Pit combines the well-known with the unknown so you’re tempted not to bother skipping around. Probably the best-sounding release Suburban Home has released, this is worth getting even if you think you know it all. Cuz you don’t. Tracks by Spread (Japan), Mad Caddies (USA), Fat Randy (Japan), Teen Idols (USA), Potshot (Japan), Strung Out (USA), Tropical Gorilla (Japan), Snuff (England), Nicotine (Japan), Limp (USA), Easy Grip (Japan), Chixdiggit (Canada), Infield Fly (Japan), and NOFX (USA).
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