Limp – Review

August 16, 2002

Limp has slowed down. Not that they’ve gone emo or anything so tragic, but instead of flying along at Strung Out paces, they’re rolling along like Nerf Herder.

Honest Don’s Dirty Dishes – Review

April 19, 2002

If you think punkpop has driven every worthwhile idea into the ground, there are songs here so catchy and peppy you can’t help but dance around like a fool.

Limp – Fine Girl – Review

September 1, 1999

While they’re not a lot different from everyone else playing pop/punk these days, “Dork” is a song I’ll be playing and putting on mixed tapes for friends.

Limp – Guitarded – Review

June 1, 1999

Ex-member of Screw 32, songs you can sing along with by the end, and while I remember nothing when the CD’s over, I’m tempted to replay its 30 minutes again.

Wanking in the Pit – Review

April 1, 1999

Alternating Japanese with non-Japanese, Wankin’ in the Pit combines the well-known with the unknown so you’re tempted not to bother skipping around.

Happy Meals 2 – Review

November 1, 1998

This perfect marriage of punkpop and powerpop lasts 50 minutes, the exact amount of time I’ve been lamenting to my therapist cuz a comp like this didn’t exist.

Ska Sucks – Review

November 1, 1998

Following the seminal comp Punk Sucks, Liberation decided to try their hand at exploiting, ahem, releasing ska. 75 minutes of ska in its many forms.