Honest Don’s Dirty Dishes – Review

Honest Don’s Dirty Dishes

(Honest Don’s)
by Scott Hefflon

Honest Don’s Greatest Shits ruled, and Dirty Dishes looks to be just as good. Combining favorites like Nerf Herder (opening and closing, one not-yet-released) and Chixdiggit! with underrated greats like Teen Idols, Dogpiss, Limp (not-yet-released), and Diesel Boy (always wished more people’d know and love those four bands so I wouldn’t get that “Huh?” look whenever I mention them) it’s a pretty safe bet for young punks looking to dip their wicks. Add heartbreakers (call it emopunk and you’ll take a beating) like Bad Astronaut (Lagwagon vocalist Joey Cape spreading his glorious wings) and newcomers Inspector 12, to show your sensitive side and balance out the brawling of the Real McKenzies and the silly Squirtgun (not-yet-released). Someone’s been listening to Darlington, huh? (Keep listening.) Honest Don’s was kind enough to include songs by the Pink & Black bands, Dance Hall Crashers, Fabulous Disasters, and The Flipsides (not-yet-released). Also included are Big In Japan, Citizen Fish, and J-Church, who I couldn’t think of any clever way to mention. If you think punkpop has driven every worthwhile idea into the ground, there are a few songs here to rekindle your faith, to give you that rush of hearing something so catchy and peppy you can’t help but dance around like a fool. You can get this comp FREE with a subscription to Lollipop while supplies last, so get with it, huh?
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