Honest Don’s Dirty Dishes – Review

April 19, 2002

If you think punkpop has driven every worthwhile idea into the ground, there are songs here so catchy and peppy you can’t help but dance around like a fool.

Ska Sucks – Review

November 1, 1998

Following the seminal comp Punk Sucks, Liberation decided to try their hand at exploiting, ahem, releasing ska. 75 minutes of ska in its many forms.

Bio-Dome Soundtrack – Review

February 1, 1996

The musical theme blasted me back to the carefree days of high school in the ’80s when my biggest concern was what to wear.

Angus Soundtrack – Review

November 1, 1995

It’s as if someone asked me what my favorite punk/pop/dumb rock bands were, chose a song apiece, and slapped ’em on a compilation.

Ska: The Third Wave – Review

April 1, 1995

The Third Wave of ska has it all: Sexy instrumentals, big band, and street punk, rude music for rude boys and girls, and a whole lotta skankin’ going on.