Sheavy – The Electric Sleep – Review


The Electric Sleep (TMC)
by Martin Popoff

Our fave Newfoundland stoner rockers have stepped up from pure indie to Rise Above and now The Music Cartel (this record’s been out in Canada and Europe for a year), becoming a minor European sensation in the process, sHeavy‘s psychedelic brew becoming less stifled, more relaxed and not all about heavy metal. It’s like the songwriters have stepped up and out, Sheavy entering a cosmic Monster Magnet zone, loping into slow blues, acoustic flights o’ fancy and of course tons of Sabbath-steeped power chords. Ultimately, there’s nothing overdone or cliched, like the band has flipped a switch from followers into leaders, defiant of becoming a Cathedral or Kyuss clone, looking more to the bud for a total record trip, ebbs and flows, surrender to the ’70s, all the while vocalist Steve Hennessey doing that really trippy 1971 Ozzy/Witchfinder General thing until you can just see the cobwebs, mold, dust, and forbidden texts.
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