Soilent Green – Sewn Mouth Secrets – Review

Soilent Green

Sewn Mouth Secrets (Relapse)
by Tim Den

“Soilent Green is made of metal!! It’s made of metal!!” I hope you got the joke, ’cause if you didn’t, you’re missing out on one helluva movie. Anyways, the same fertile soil that gave us all things sludgy, bluesy, and anvil-heavy (that would be the New Orleans/Texas region) such as Pantera, Crowbar, and Eyehategod, delivers yet another birth, this time in the shape of a crazed runaway machine known as Soilent Green. Powered by Phil Anselmo-ish vocals and lightning-fast drumming, a spin of this CD is about the equivalent of a head-first wipe out on a motorbike (and that’s a compliment). The only band I can really compare these guys to is Blood Duster, considering both bands pride themselves on their ability to sound like a carcass being torn apart and splattered on the walls. Screeching screams and axe-swinging riffs abound, Sewn Mouth Secrets is the ideal thing to play for your friends when they’ve gotten sick of your putting Buzzoven on replay. When you really want to do some damage, believe me, this will do.
(PO Box 251 Millersville, PA 17551)