Strip Jointz Rocks – Sexy Music for Sexy Dancers – Review

Strip Jointz Rocks

Sexy Music for Sexy Dancers (Robbins Entertainment)
by Viva las Vegas

When a stripper nears the end of her twenty-minute set, all she’s got on, at least here in Pornland, are her shoes and her music. This being the case, ladies of leisure often develop a fetishistic devotion to both footwear and CDs. A gal’s music expenditure can easily loom into the thousands, especially with all the must-have one-hit-wonders at $15 a pop. Luckily, a naked girlie startin’ up today has the Strip Jointz series to fall back on, and thus never has to buy a whole Romeo Void, Generation X, or Berlin CD to get “Never Say Never,” “Dancing with Myself,” or “Sex (I’m A).”

These songs appear on Strip Jointz Rocks: Sexy Music for Sexy Dancers along with twelve other super-fly strip songs by the likes of Tom Jones, Duran Duran, Mötley Crüe, Skynyrd, Motörhead, etc.. And one really horrible cut. The Gleaming Spires must be friends of the producers. The neat package deal includes a poster of 1997 Playmate of the Year, Victoria Silvstedt. Wait a minute… This girl is blonde, blonde, blonde; all the bands are white, white, white. I’m blonde, I’m white, and I’ve owned and danced to every song on this baby before Monsieur Le Editeur comped me this copy. Creepy!

Then there’s Strip Jointz 2, with a black babe playmate poster and black bands that I wouldn’t dance to even if I got the CD free in the mail! I just don’t get off on Bell Biv Devoe, R. Kelly, or Sir Mix-a-Lot (and I do get off on Romeo Void? Yikes!). So I gave the CD to my black babe bass-playing stripper friend who was thrilled to get it.
(30 West 21st St. NYC, NY 10010)