The Lynnfield Pioneers – Free Popcorn – Review

The Lynnfield Pioneers

Free Popcorn (Matador)
by Jon Sarre

If Lynnfield Pioneers are a joke band then the joke’s not funny. If they’re not a joke then the joke’s on me (and I still don’t get it). With all the hilarity you’d expect from a blacksploitation tribute band, ya got atrocious white boy rapping (like G. Love or Beck) over organ drenched/guitar slashin’ funk notes (like icky new Jon Spencer with a damn piano). Kicks ya in the booty, yo. What I really enjoyed, however, was playing “where’s this part ripped from?” Ya got “Theme From Shaft” (“Astral Plane”), “Peace Frog” (“Maximum Sunshine”), and aptly, the opening stumble roll of T-Rex’s “Rip Off” (“Accolades”). Exactly.
(625 Broadway New York, NY 10012)