The Lillingtons – Death by Television – Review

The Lillingtons

Death by Television (Panic Button/Lookout!)
by Scott Hefflon

While I’ve heard the name, this is the first recording I’ve heard from this Wyoming, Ramones-inspired, comic/sci-fi/horror-obsessed band. While simple, three-chord punk is certainly nothing new, there are certain bands who accomplish a lot using very little. The Lillingtons are one of those bands, and the only thing that’s bound to keep them from becoming world-renowned punk heroes is the simple fact that there are dozens upon dozens of damn good, less-is-more punk bands out there writing infectious, fast-paced tunes (not to mention the hundreds of not-especially-good punk bands), releasing CDs, touring incessantly, and vying for fans’ attention, adoration, and hard-earned money. The Lillingtons combine simple, droning Ramones guitarwork with Misfitesque topics and a vocal inflection that sounds frighteningly like A-Ha. (OK, the guy had a great voice, and I know we’re all supposed to be embracing our ’80s heritage, but “Take on Me” is now being covered more often then “Summer of ’69,” and it’s usually by a band I wish wouldn’t play at all, much less dredge up such skin-crawling memories.)