The Judas Factor – Ballads In Blue China – Review

The Judas Factor

Ballads In Blue China (Revelation )
by Tim Den

Revelation seems to be signing an awful lot of bands lately. While some tend to take the easy way out (playing “old school” style that bores me to drooling), The Judas Factor put the insanity back into hardcore. Ballads in Blue China is everything the bio claims it to be: Noisy, sincere, emotional, and artistic. Sonically, this record sounds like a calculated paint spill onto a canvas: a bombardment of colors, yet with systematic depth and vision. Every corner of the songs seems to be spilling out of control, yet perfectly manipulated if observed carefully. This is what Deadguy would’ve sounded like if they went to art school. I’m more than glad to see such a twisted yet beautiful creature in the midst of the late ’90s’ musical depression.
(PO Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)