The Make Up – I Want Some – Review

The Make Up

I Want Some (K)
by Jon Sarre

Viva Las Vegas sayeth The Make Up sounds way too much like Lenny Kravitz to take seriously, but invitin’ comparisons to the Lennster is essentially calling these doubtlessly sincere DC self-conscious “revolutionaries” a sham; a buncha hucksters with prosthetic soul (which I don’t think they are). At the same time, this is stuff basically born of people seeking out so much authenticity while vainly attempting to push some kinda manifest manifesto which boils down to something as goofy as Sham 69 or any other tuneless, songless, lefty (albeit with a better rhythm section).

They succeed musically, sure. Make-Up’s actually kinda badass’n’rump-shakin’, even while bein’ too mellow to be called “rockin'” (that would be soooooo déclassé, kinda like Zen Guerrilla, the real gospel-punks Make Up wishes they coulda been). Lyric-wise, Ian Svenonius’ poetry and vocalisations tend toward tonal banality as he pursues whatever kinda people’s program he had in mind (question: If DC punk bands are so interested in politics, why are they involved with rock’n’roll?). All except for freeing Arthur Lee, of course. Please accept my donation…
(PO Box 7154 Olympia, WA 98507)