The Moment of Truth – The Emo Diaries Chapter Three – Review

The Moment of Truth

The Emo Diaries Chapter Three (Deep Elm)
by Tim Den

This latest installment in the high-quality compilation series sees another fourteen bands dishing out heartache via their instruments, and a couple of these actually make emo sound better than ever. Starmarket, Cross My Heart, Ultramagg, and especially The Chase Theory (their track rules!) all play “sensitive rock” without compromising raw energy as they lead the pack with enough emotional outburst to topple Little Women. Not that the other bands on here aren’t great. Almost every song on The Emo Diaries Chapter Three is a pleasant venture into the finest of the genre. Another welcomed addition to the The Emo Diaries series, and the perfect disc to buy if you’re unfamiliar with the genre or crave more new artists from it. Also appearing are Planes Mistaken For Stars, Penfold, The Saddest Girl Story, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Schema, Speedwell, Psara, Biblical Proof Of UFOs, Epstein, Last Days Of April, and Shoulder.
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