Deathwitch – Monumental Mutilations – Review


Monumental Mutilations (Necropolis)
by Martin Popoff

Many line-up changes and three albums later, Sacramentum drummer Nikke Terror has his fourth Deathwitch album, and by all accounts it’s the tightest, best sounding Deathwitch yet. Loud, distorted guitars, mid-shot drums, vocals of drunken revelry, all caught uncompromisingly toneless by Andy LaRocque at Los Angered Studios. There are a few old re-recordings and covers here (Sepultura, which is a mess, and Bathory), and half the album is The Ultimate Death leftovers, but for the most part, this is pro-level old-school thrash made new-school black (skipping the middle) for all those who think Witchery are too much like Def Leppard or that new Scorpions dance album.