Earthwurm – Blank the Same – Review


Blank the Same
by Scott Hefflon

Former Bostonite Carla Buffa (vocals and guitar) moves to New York and drags friends Sheryl Bailey (bass) and Allison Miller (drums) from Boston and Baltimore respectively. While Earthwurm‘s debut, Sex and Anxiety, evidently had more hip-hoppy metal on it (Jordan of Powerman 5000 mighta had something to do with that, but his influence was mixed with Ed Broms of Broms, and Todd “Captain Rock” Perlmutter of Jocobono, Orangutang, Blue Man Group, and on and on…), so luckily Blank the Same is more traditional, passionate rock/metal. Howling vocals and roaring guitars are offset by acoustic ballads filled with whisper-to-a-scream vocals, anguished cries, and plenty of spine tingling moments Tori Amos fans and Drain STH fans alike will appreciate. While on the smashing rampage, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the rhythms are, unfortunately, kinda juvenile (but look how far powerchords for powerchord’s sake has gotten many a band without an interesting riff to their names) and many of the vocal melodies, while powerful – no doubt about that – are kinda obvious. Then again, “primal” is the unleashing of gut-level instinct, and I guess it’s not really necessary to make it deliberately new and progressive or anything. I guess… The bio mentions Chris Cornell, and while Carla definitely has balls (you know what I mean), Chris writes fuckin’ circles around her, as he does practically everyone else. But I shouldn’t be overly critical of a band with real passion, power, and a great mix of heavy riffage and heart-rending power ballads. Cold apathy leads to explosive aggression and throat-choking wails of anguish – not bad at all for an unsigned band, a band that, with a little work taking their songs beyond the first steps of interest, could really go the distance.
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