Angel Corpse – The Inexorable – Review

Angel Corpse

The Inexorable (Olympic)
by Paul Lee

What a wonderfully appropriate soundtrack to accompany the millennial finale from one of America’s most ferocious bands. After being pummeled to a bloody pulp by their last two CDs, Hammer of Gods and Exterminate, I knew what to expect from Angel Corpse: more raging violence and virtuosity with nary a hint of melody or peace. Thank God for pure death metal violence. There’s nothing better to unleash your psychopathic energy.

The similarities to death metal deities Morbid Angel and their high-octane blast are apparent in the rapidly-picked notes, strange time signatures, and crushing rhythms, but Angel Corpse take the influence and craft their own wares. Guitarist Gene Pablicki has a Trey Azagthoth guitar-fixation to be sure, but he continues to develop his own soloing and rhythm attack. Bassist/vocalist Pete Helmkamp has a thundering bass roar and vocals more akin to black metal, with similarities to the shriek/roar of Abbath. Lyrically, Helmkamp spits out tales of raging ancient war and the cryptically occult that suit the music perfectly.

So why does The Inexorable surpass Angel Corpse’s last two efforts? It sounds sharper and meaner, with flawless production courtesy of Morrisound and Jim Morris. If there’s any criticism I’d level at them, it’s that there isn’t much evolution in their sound and not a bit of experimentation or deviation from the original course. But for all its unbridled brutality and lack of melodic breaks (remember, Morbid Angel have always had melodic departures from their attacks), The Inexorable is one of the best and most unrelenting death metal releases this year. This is also the first release which has been licensed to a U.S. company. Hell, you can even find them at Best Buy.
(PO Box 7217 Elgin, IL 60121)