Bis – Social Dancing – Review


Social Dancing (Capitol)
by Jamie Kiffel

Bis has finally done it. Social Dancing is like plugging in a hot pink Hello Kitty nightlight and hyping up the voltage ’til it vibrates and fires Pez from its adorable ears. Electronica wires up to real dance hooks that keep the meeps shifting hips and buzzing through the bloodstream like so many caffeinated bubbles. “Theme From Tokyo” is an especially lovable, big dance jump and groove, and – I say this with the greatest respect – fit to be the title track on a killer Chumbawamba LP. Complete with grandiose orchestral sounds, big bass, chants, and wide open harmony that sears the heartstrings, this song alone is worth the price of the CD.

“I’m a Slut” is another hot track, with singer Manda’s now-matured voice asking with more frank edge than sweetness, “Don’t you think my shirt’s too tight?” As she self-incriminates as a slut, it’s almost impossible not to feel the frank undercurrent of apology and her deep desire to be parented again. With beautifully balanced production, seamless electrics joined with real instrumental direction, Bis are fit to be the next move’n’groove sweethearts to rub dance-holes in your den floor.
(3218 1/2 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039)