Agnostic Front – Riot Riot Upstart – Review

Agnostic Front

Riot Riot Upstart (Epitaph)
by Chris Best

Haughty, superior chuckle denied!!! Most everybody needs money to survive. If you’re lucky enough to make money from your labor of love, I say good for you. Agnostic Front have a damn fine album here that takes ’80s hardcore and updates it with ’90s issues. We sure as shit don’t have Reagan to kick around anymore, and Clinton just doesn’t have the same threatening look. Who do we have? We have Rudolph Gulliani, the mayor of New York, possible Senate contender, and American fascist poster boy. Add a couple of “FUCK YOU”s and voila! It’s the bomb, bro.
(2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)