You’ll Never Eat Fast Food Again – Review

You’ll Never Eat Fast Food Again

by Scott Hefflon

A label sampler from a “new” punk label (new to me, at least). Seeing as, in my not-so-humble opinion, many of the larger punk labels are either simply releasing more records by bands they’ve already signed, or releasing records by bands other labels had previously signed, it’s about time a few idealists came along to release a slew of young hopefuls, bands you’ve probably never heard of, and might never have had it not been for this or that comp. Drive-Thru, like Fastmusic, is a pretty new label, and while few of the bands on You’ll Never Eat Fast Food Again bowl me over like, say, the first Punk-O-Rama did, what the hell do you want? Mostly pop punk, a little ska punk, all very young and energetic, without all the jaded apathy of many of the older punk bands who seem to almost resent having to release new records. Check this out, if for no other reason than to hear a song or two each from a fresh new crop of melodic punk bands. The CD offers CD covers, photos, addresses, urls, emails, and short blurbs about each band. Flippin’ Burgers are A New Found Glory, Allister, Caught Inside, Cousin Oliver, Fenix-TX, Last Summer, Midtown, Mothermania, Rx Bandits, The Wrens, Face First, and Twelve Gallons.