Good Clean Fun – On the Streets Saving the Scene from the Forces of Evil – Review

Good Clean Fun

On the Streets Saving the Scene from the Forces of Evil (Phyte)
by Tim Den

There’s a perfect reason why old school hardcore revival doesn’t need any more bands, and their name is Good Clean Fun. This band is everything old school ever needed: amazing songs, positive message, humor, and knowing when to vary the tempos and vocal patterns. Not only are they musically and creatively heads-and-shoulders above 99.9% of old school bands today, they’re just the funniest motherfuckers. Like their pal Atom (of Atom And His Package), Good Clean Fun is intelligent and able to turn commentaries into hilarious stories/mockeries. “I Can’t Wait” is a tongue-in-cheek poke at old school hardcore (“Two thousand one: we’ll call it quits the band will be done. Two thousand two: we’ll sell our discography to you. Two thousand three: we’ll sit back and count our money. Two thousand four: two words ‘reunion tour!'”), “Beat the Meat,” and the stomach-aching hilarious “In Defense of All Life” (“…I saw my sister had milk in her cup. I jumped out of my chair and sprayed her with mace, I yelled ‘vegan power!’ and kicked her in the face. Dad was bugging, he started to run, but he’s a meat eater so I pulled out my gun. Shot him in the back, then I shot his wife. That’s how it’s got to be in defense of all life.”) at militant vegetarians, and “11th Commandment” at tough-guys. There’s even a good-humored parody of Refused’s “New Noise” during the intro of “WWZD.” When I’m not laughing my ass off, I’m pointing my finger in the air and singing along. This is a classic.