Planes Mistaken for Stars – Knife in the Marathon – Review

Planes Mistaken for Stars

Knife in the Marathon (Deep Elm)
by Tim Den

I was very impressed by Planes Mistaken For Stars‘ song on the recent three-way split with Appleseed Cast and Race Car Riot. Very impressed. So impressed that, as good as Knife in the Marathon is, I can’t help feeling disappointed. The song on the spilt was so magical that anything less is simply a let down. I’m trying my best to get over that, because Knife in the Marathon is a damn nice piece of screamo: Tender yet aggressive, explosive but without forgetting the shoegazer parts. The instruments are multi-layered, one knotted chord upon another, forming intricate maps for the singing/screaming to jump over. A crazier, looser version of Hot Water Music crossed with Charles Bronson (the band, not the actor) perhaps?