Errortype: 11 – Gameface – What’s Up Bro? – Review

Errortype: 11/Gameface

What’s Up Bro? (Revelation)
by Tim Den

This split is a lot better than I expected. After Gameface‘s last disappointment of a long-player, they bounce back with two originals that’re probably some of the best hooks they’ve ever written. The disk opens with their “How Far is Goodbye?,” an emotional and dynamic light-rock pick-me-up that I hope represents things to come. Second track “Wartime Hero” sounds a lot like Farside, but that’s not a bad thing. Great pop tune, nice driving beat. Very well done. Errortype:11, who’re never below average, contribute an Amplified to Rock outtake as well as a new tune called “Clan MacGregor and the Drunk Boys,” both of which prove just how far a dark melody can take you. Heavy, but filled with radio-friendly vocals, and lots of kewl guitar chords and little pickings. What’s Up Bro? is a nice little ditty that is both carefree fun and kick ass rock.