Hung Up – Runnin Out – Review

Hung Up

Runnin’ Out (Crack)
by Tim Den

A pretty impressive outing from un unknown group (from Newfoundland of all places) on an unknown label. Hung Up sticks with the Strung Out style of pop-punk, metal riffing intact and everything. Loads of octaves, fast beats, shredding guitars, palm muting chug-chug parts, and a fondness for hardcore breakdowns. Good production too; nice, solid, thick bass sound. If there was any doubt that these guys have the SoCal pop-punk sound and the mentality, try this line for size: “I’m only 23 and I don’t want to grow up.” Well, there ya go.
(PO Box 29048 Eaton Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C4L1 Canada)