Impaled – The Dead Shall Remain Dead – Review


The Dead Shall Remain Dead (Necropolis)
by Paul Lee

Ah yes, the progeny of gore metal gods like Carcass, what sick sounds they make. For all you lovers of blood-soaked metal, I welcome you to Impaled’s world of the darkest gore humor and the sharpest razor riffs around. Impaled have that early ’90s Earache sound with similarities to other death metal legends like Entombed and Carnage, but have created their own formula for chaos. With a large grind quotient balanced by impressive dual guitar melodies, Impaled have created a modern grind-gore classic. Though they owe their sick lyrical approach and visual imagery to Carcass, Impaled draw on all sorts of metal influences and spew forth songs that are as catchy as they are gut-wrenching. Take a gander at the repulsive cover and you’ll either be horrified and sickened or thirsty for their intestinal excitement. Impaled have unleashed one the best and most efficiently eviscerating CDs.
(PO Box 282 Wellsville, OH 43968)