Red Peters – Ol’ Blue Balls is Back – Review

Red Peters

Ol’ Blue Balls is Back (Ball Bag)
by Scott Hefflon

For anyone who appreciates “Dr. Dirty” John Valby, here’s a silky-voiced crooner/comedian with some fine tongue-twisting. Part toilet humor, part well-written innuendo, Red Peters collects a bunch of ideas and musical styles, then gets naked and goofy. For the easily-offendable, aside from fuck you, I recommend you steer clear. For those who get a child-like giggle from finger-snapping lines like “See that girl with the pretty red dress on… I wanna polka” (“I Wanna Polka Polka”), well come on in! It’s the “Weird Al” song you’ll never hear. Like “Doggy Style” is the “hard-livin'” Jimmy Buffet song that always seems to get left off his records. And “Babe’s Auto Villa” is the most honest loudmouthed car commercial you’ll ever hear: “Bad credit? No credit? No job? No down payment? Get the fuck out… to Babe’s Auto Villa.” “You Ain’t Gettin’ Shit for Christmas” is a year-round joy (much like the repackaging of The Vandals’ Oi to the World). “You ain’t gettin’ shit for Christmas/ You can shove that fruitcake up your ass” — a timeless sentiment if ever there was one.

Some stripped-down Pythonisms, some unnecessarily-elogated ditties parading about as full-length songs (“The Closing Song” is almost “The Penis Song” from Meaning of Life tinkled out in a semi-rowdy Randy Newmanian way), all somewhat offensive without “stooping” to the level of “gross” limericks and juvenile song parodies. To close out the CD, there’re karaoke versions of a couple numbers so you can play along with the few friends you have left.