Cash Audio – Green Bullet – Review

Cash Audio

Green Bullet (Touch & Go)
by Jon Sarre

These Heavy-Alloy Cowboy-Poets of the Blues usedta be called Cash Money ’til they were threatened (damn near outta hand) with a lawsuit by the firm of Cash Money Records (and tapes), esq. Sure, that’s an injustice, and more reason for these white boys to play the blues – mebbe you could even say they’ve earned it. They’d probably smack you around a bit for that cuz they played the blues right good before the lawyers began to call, so what fuckin’ business is it of yers?

Thing is, John Humphrey, Scott Giampino and harp-blower David Passow supply the stomp that usedta be Touch & Go’s signature chunk of yer sanity (like before the label put out Blonde Redhead and Seam, it was the home of Big Black and Scratch Acid). Cash Money/Audio is a throwback to that stuff: loud’n’crude’n’hambone, subtle as a tireiron upside the skull, anger mebbe a forte as finger-pointin’ truth in songs like “Who Killed the Blues?” or “The Power of Tequila.” Fans of Zen Guerrilla or Fifty Tons of Black Terror will understand, all others should consult their legal advisors.
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