Four Letter Words – Jag Offs – Split – Review

Four Letter Words/Jag Offs

Split (Recess)
by Jon Sarre

Hell if I know why these two stupid punk bands decided to get together and cover The Beatles’ “White Album” (aka The Beatles) in its entirety, but then again, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been done before, at least not in Spanish. I do know for a fact that Charlie Manson’s diggin’ the free copy they sent to him in San Quentin. How do I know? He mentions it in the liner notes he wrote to El Disco Blanco (the same liner notes where he refers to the aforementioned stupid punk bands, Jag-Offs and Four Letter Words, as “promising up and coming young beat combos”). Charlie’s not bullshitin’ ya either when he proclaims the whole concept behind this release “as a little bit different, risky some may say,” especially when ya pair the lush production (really reminiscent of late-period New Bad Things or early The Go – the SubPop roster The Go, not the Canadian raunch metal, Go – no sorry, that band was called The Went) of the Jag-Offs tracks (they tackle sides one and four) with the detached irony of those Celtic-pride dadaists the Four Letter Words (who take on sides two and three). Recess, however, obviously thinks these two pioneers are onto something as they have just announced plans for The Dwarves to tag-team with ’70s cult figure and recent signing, Disco Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes, on a “tribute” to The Who’s Quadrophenia sung in an obscure language developed by “a team of dedicated, yet paranoid schizophrenics.”

Highlights, by Jag-Offs as I recall ’em, include the always rockin’ “Arriviste es Stalingrad” (“Back in the USSR”), “Feliz es Pistole Cha Cha” (“Happiness is a Warm Gun”), “El Revolutionale Numero Uno” (“Revolution One”) and “Buenos Noches” (“Good Night”). Four Letter Words seem to get their best stuff off on “Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!” (“Piggies”), “Grande, Grande, Grande” (“Long Long Long”), “Mi Puta” (“Julia”), “Soda, Esse” (“Everyone’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me and My Monkey”) and the sure to be a crowd pleaser, “Charlie, This is Paul, You Must Kill a Movie Star and Start a Race War” (“Helter Skelter”). Scuttlebutt ’round the biz has it that Paul – y’know, the ex-Beatle who has a thing for amputees – and Michael Jackson – y’know, jeez, where would I start to slander that guy? – are in the process of jointly suing to prevent further distribution of this record, so y’all better pick it up while ya can. Support freedom of speech!
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