Iggy Pop – Live in NYC – Review

Iggy Pop

Live in NYC (King Biscuit)
by Jon Sarre

Don’tcha go wastin’ yer time or money: Geezer-period Iggy with a mostly Limey backin’ band (less’see, one Psychedelic Fur, a Madness alum, an erstwhile UK Sub and one Hanoi Rocker, which makes him a Swede, I guess) triumphantly touring on the back-strength of Blah Blah Blah (his “reunion” album with Bowie, incidentally also not worth yer time nor money) makes for a snoozer squared, with losta keys so anyone can probably be excused for exclaimin’ as Viva Las Vegas definitely did, “What is this crap? Is this Iggy? What’s wrong with this world?”

Don’t know the answer to the last un, but yup, ’tis Iggy Pop, live at the Ritz, 11/86, plus a bonus “I Wanna Be Your Dog” live in Boston, I suspect from the widely available, equally lousy, boot, Live at the Channel Boston, MA (even saw it on eBay a couple weeks ago). As Double Deuce Records honcho/liner notator Dalton Ross concedes, “the early 1980s had not been kind to the Godfather of Punk.” No shit, Dalton, yet he’ll have ya believe that Blah Blah Blah marked some kinda turnaround for the Iggster… Jeez, Instinct? Brick By Brick? American Caesar? Avenue B? Did sumptin’ come out ‘tween Caesar and Avenue B? If so, I’m sure it was garbage, too. Sorry Iggy, but ‘cha haven’t been relevant since 1977 and it’s a shame cuz ya probably can’t remember that far back, but it woulda been nice, I’m sure.