The Scotch Greens – Draw! – Review

The Scotch Greens

Draw! (Cargo)
by Scott Hefflon

While a little more Western than psychobilly, The ScotchGreens‘ debut shows off a band to keep yer eyes on. While the production is a bit too mellow for me (think tumbleweeds rolling around instead of a GTO kickin’ up dust as it tears about the place), the band’s got potential for both beer-drenched whoop-it-ups and whisky’n’speed nights that’ll land yer ass in jail. So while the production hinders the powerhouse and some of the songwriting is a little predictable, with time, these kickers could wreak some serious havoc. Sound like they’d be great to catch live’n’drunk.
(9528 Miramar Rd.#111 San Diego, CA 92196)