The Spitfires – In Too Deep Again – Review

The Spitfires

In Too Deep Again (Junk)
by Jon Sarre

High octane rock’n’roll murderjunkie action with the official Junk Seal of Approval, so it oughtta have yers as well. The Spitfires hail from up in Vancouver, BC, Canada, a town with a good reputation (like Seattle, but cleaner and better run, well, y’know, it’s fuckin’ Canada, eh?), but I’ve been there and me and my lady friend found parts that were like the Lower East Side pre-gentrification, only browner, where ya see Eskimos OD on street corners, so obviously, the town’s a squirming ground for vital punk rock action and sleeze, sleeze, sleeze!!! Needless to say, I drink up these cats’ Heartbreakerisms like cold beer on a summer’s day (right now Rogue Brewery’s Dead Guy Ale: ’tis beer, but it’s got the alcohol content of wine, but no one’s gonna encourage ya to swirl it around in yer mouth and spit it out, shit’ll fuck ya up, kid, just like The Spitfires).

The band smokes, nuff said. Livewise, they pummel yer brain with their outrageous/ridiculous claims like “We’ll kill you all babee/Thunderstruck, light as fuck” (then they admit “we just make up the rest”). In Too Deep Again captures the malarkey they bring to shitholes up and down the left coast “makin’ up the rest” of the boys’ hell-purge-binge-purge fire, give ’em a ceegar, cuz there ain’t many better outfits doin’ the circuit and if the punch-yerself trueisms of “High School” (“High school really sucks!”) don’t make sense to ya, then you musta been onea them homeschooled creeps ‘n’ if that’s the case, then ya really need this un!
(7071 Warner Ave. F-736 Huntington Beach, CA)