Enemy You – Where Nobody Knows My Name – Review

Enemy You

Where Nobody Knows My Name (Panic Button)
by Scott Hefflon

Enemy You is starting to come into their own. From the Panic Button comp, Four on the Floor, I remember hearing them and thinking, “Well, maybe.” Where No One Knows My Name shows the band pushing further in the various directions they like to take it. While sometimes sounding kinda mid-’90s NOFX, songs like “Awake” show, in under two minutes mind you, that they can write a radio-friendly rock tune that Offspring fans’d dig, and non-Offspring fans’d be glad the Offspring didn’t sing. Classic chord structure, honest, non-annoying vocal delivery, an all-around good song. But the majority is neo-Bad Religion all over again, but without being, ya know, shitty. These guys somehow are catchy, yet sound really honest and down-to-Earth, unlike most of the (new) Foo Fighter-style stuff that sounds like a pop gem with words about something. There’s good punkpop here, but the band really shines when they don’t pant’n’pound but throw some musical curveballs in and make ya arch an eyebrow saying, “Damn, I didn’t see the song going in that direction.” Watch these guys.