Favez – Gentlemen Start Your Engines – Review


Gentlemen Start Your Engines (Doghouse)
by Tim Den

Favez‘s debut, A Sad Ride on the Line Again, was a piece of shoegazing ass you couldn’t help but pump your load in. It caressed your every inch with drooping introspection, punished you for being so attracted to pain, and rewarded you with a releasing orgasm filled with tenor vocals and warm acoustics. Their follow-up, Gentlemen Start Your Engines, is the morning after: harsher, angrier, no longer drowsy from lust and aching to be touched, but instead full of the morning’s energy and eagerness to get out of bed and kick some butt. Combining the slumbering melodies of Travis with (again?) The Get Up Kids’ drive, Favez is proving to critics that they, too, can turn up the volume. Not that it’s necessary, in my opinion, since anyone can crank the amp and say they “rock” (whereas writing solid songs with no electric equipment is much harder). But hey: this is still good shit, loud or not. Both of Favez’s records would do you good, so go get ’em.
(PO Box 8946 Toledo, OH 43623)