Add N To (X) – Add Insult to Injury – Review

Add N To (X)

Add Insult to Injury (Mute)
by Lex Marburger

This is not Dork Punk. No, Add N to (X) is more like Geek Punk. They’re all wild about old keyboards and electronics, so they put together a band that plays these old, messy electronic sounds in a punk way. Geek, like, you know, these guys (and gal) took apart their dad’s clock radio in the fifth grade, and their dad was proud.

Punk, like, they freak out pretty hard on this stuff, and it for damn sure made me feel like flinging my body around while I was listening to it. Those old keyboards had a lotta chaos goin on in them. Weird, cuz all the sounds are dated; you’ve only really heard them in late ’50s educational science films. But they play ’em all screwy, and that’s definitely something new. I say give ’em a shot, and see if you can take it. Fans of Six Finger Satellite take note, as well as people who wished that, sometimes, Kraftwerk would just fuckin’ rock out.
(140 West 22nd St. #10A New York, NY 10011)