An Industrial Rock Tribute To Judas Priest – Review

An Industrial Rock Tribute To Judas Priest

by Martin Popoff

Methinks these things exist just to rile the increasingly Perry-skunked mullets of Priest fans, and ooh boy, mission accomplished. I actually got a kick out of the one time I played (and will ever play) this thing (and maybe in a Napster pay-to-play age, fast food is an acceptable proposition). But the repellent itch comes in waves and all over. First, as industrial goes, this is rote and unimaginative, although granted, a true overhaul of these songs (“Rock Forever”: geez!). Second, the draw of having all these unwashed hair band vocalists take a crack (pipe) at these songs… well, in the industrial spirit, they’re mixed way back and beat up with distortion and such. I mean, I think Phil Lewis on “Hot Rockin'”… that might be the worst recording of a vocalist I’ve ever heard. Oh whatever. I’m tiring of writing this review, and if you’ve got any self-respect, you should be tired of reading it.
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