Big Dumb Face – Duke Lion Fights the Terror!! – Review

Big Dumb Face

Duke Lion Fights the Terror!! (Geffen)
by Scott Hefflon

A member of Limp Bizkit is making a joke instead of being a joke, for a change. Always wondered how anyone could play such really boring music behind that sputtering buffoon without smackin’ him in the head, knocking him into the pit with his fellow monosyllabic knuckledraggers, hoping they tear him limb from limb in their blind enthusiasm.

So this is superstar Wes Borland’s side project, and I think it already failed commercially cuz most didn’t get it, but that means the underground will either shake their asses to it and wag their dicks at the confused lemmings, or they’ll refuse to acknowledge it cuz it’s too late, Borland’s been too tainted and this is merely a vain attempt at having a future once the rest realize just how awful Limp Bizkit is. Me? I like it. Stinks of early Gwar, Frank Zappa, stoned Keebler elves, The Great White North, and parody death metal bands like Eclectic Duckfart, Intestinal Bloodsausage, and all sorts of stuff you’ve never heard of (cuz I just made ’em up – check out Devin “I Broke a String” Townsend’s Pünky Brüster if you want a real example). If it isn’t already, I’d push for “Rebel” as the single cuz it rocks like Mini Me singing a song for Joe Dirt and the end result is so bad-ass, ya almost forget it’s making fun of the very people who’re rockin’ out to it. The rest is Gary Numan meets NoMeansNo and hangs out with Gwar/X-Cops and sticks a kazoo up an elf’s ass and dances to Zappa records until the cows come home and start a slam pit that gets ugly fast when Kerry King decides he wants to fight for his right to party with a blood red head and pops in some Clutch and assumes a fightin’ stance, hot damn.

In closing, “Organ Splitter” may just be the best gorecore song yet! The thundering beats and Slayer guitar (the “Hot for Teacher” drum fill and Bob & Doug McKenzie sample are simply Mark to the slaughter) grind well with lyrics like “Bile sheens and boils belch/ rot will thicken, boggle, feltch” and “Meat upon the pentagram/ bloody necrophalic phlegm/ pus is furry, pus is good/pus will fill the dirty wound.” A classic!