Thumb – 3 – Review


“3” (Victory)
by Scott Hefflon

Thumb were doing the rap metal thing before it was fashionable (literally: The genre’s always been pretty awful, but now it’s an embarrassing fashion statement as well), so time-served gives these German lads a bit of cred in a genre with absolutely none. While they’re not the brightest bulbs, they steer clear of the thugcore bullshit and get up close and personal by admitting weaknesses and fears, and give off an overall vibe of striving for a better tomorrow. Or something like that. So with deep bass grooves, slamming beats, and the usual boring hardcore/nü metal guitar chug, Thumb push into hard melody a bit, singing hard and passionate, if not especially inventively. But it’s better than the rapping shit, and, well, I’m all for (almost) any singer who belts it out.
(346 North Justine St. #504 Chicago, IL 60607)